Any distance. Anywhere. Any mode. Any time.

Run, walk, bike, skate, scooter.
Do it your way.

Join us anytime July 24 through August 1.
Choose your mode, choose your distance, choose your fundraising goal.

Cost to Enter

All running events


per person

“Choose your own adventure”


per person

Race t-shirt


children’s sizes and adults XS – XXL



  hours  minutes  seconds


race week begins!


What is the Great EpisGOpal Race?

Let’s show our gratitude for all of the ministries responding to the COVID-19 pandemic while staying active! Register for the Great EpisGOpal Race Virtual Run/Walk to support the 2020 UTO Ingathering. You’re invited to join us anytime July 24 through August 1 to run or walk, indoors or outdoors, bike, skate, scooter or skateboard, for a half marathon, 10K, 5K or 1 Mile “your way”.

With a whole week to complete the event, we ask that you please adhere to all CDC recommended social distancing guidelines, maintain a safe distance from others and avoid trails and walking paths during peak times.

What does my registration include?

Race Registration includes:

  • Printable Race Bib
  • Entry for Raffle for UTO Prize Pack
  • Finisher Certificate

Additionally, you can pay an additional $25 to receive the official race tee-shirt.

How can I participate?

There are 3 ways to participate in The Great EpisGOpal Race:

  1. Run, walk, or hike 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon during the week of July 25th, be sure to post videos/photos on social media using #EpisGOpalRace.
  2. Create a team! Just because we have to socially distance doesn’t mean we can’t work together. Invite some friends to join you and run/walk/hike as a group. To create a team, contact
  3. Challenge others – if you are so inclined, you (or your team) can invite others to donate towards your race. This is a great way to encourage those that are unable to participate on their own to be a part of the race. You can set a fundraising goal and try to raise more than your friends or another diocesan group!
  4. Share it on Social Media! We’ve created a Facebook Event page for you to post photos or videos of your accomplishments, words of encouragement to others in the group or share what things you’re are grateful for as you participate in the race. UTO will be giving away random prizes to registrants, a prize for the top fundraiser and an award for the best photo on our Facebook Group page.

What will the money go to support?

100% of the money raised will go to the 2020 UTO Ingathering in support of Episcopal ministries responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about it on our Granting page.

Can I join a team?

Yes! We encourage it! It’s more fun when we go together!


  1. One team member registers for the race (this person becomes the Team Captain).
  2. When registering, click “Create a Team.”
  3. Create team name and password.


  1. On the race homepage, click “Group/Teams.”
  2. Click “Join” next to the team you want to join.
  3. Register for the race, using the password created for your team.


  1.  On the race homepage, click “Donate > Become a Fundraiser.”
  2. Begin first by completing the steps for an individual fundraiser. This will make you the “Team Captain” for your fundraiser. Then you can create a new Team Fundraiser at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Click “Set up Fundraiser.” You’re ready to go! Share your custom link widely!

Can I participate without fundraising?

Of course! It is the GREAT EpisGOpal Race after all — we want everyone to go with us! We would love if you did though. The more we raise for the 2020 Ingathering, the more we are able to grant out to awesome ministries across the church. Learn more about it on our Granting page.

If I fundraise, do I have to pay registration too?

If you raise at least $50, your registration fee is on us! Thank you!

Are there prizes?

UTO will be giving away random prizes to registrants, a prize for the top fundraiser and an award for the best photo on our Facebook Group page. Be on the lookout!

How do I show evidence of completing the race?

We’re relying on the honor system but we encourage you to show your evidence (photo of your distance on your watch, treadmill, or fitness app; video or photo of you running/walking, etc.). Use the hashtag #EpisGOpalRace on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, or share it to our Facebook Event.

When will my shirt and any other prizes be mailed to me?

We will start mailing out your swag the week after the event concludes. Please allow a couple of weeks for us to get everything shipped. Register before July 15 to receive your shirt in time for the race!