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Welcome to the United Thank Offering Website.

Within these pages you will find history, current events and adventures related to the almost one hundred and twenty-five year old mission of the church called The
United Thank Offering.

UTO is famous for the little Blue Box—you will find some stories about the Blue Box and some pictures of its history: click here to go immediately to the Blue Box page.

UTO is managed and maintained through the Women of the Church—ECW—Episcopal Church Women. A representative Board of both elected and appointed members is responsible for UTO: click here to go to the UTO Board page.

UTO’s main task is the collection and disbursement of funds for the giving of grants to carry on the mission work of the Episcopal Church, whose full, legal name is The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the United States—from its start, the purpose of the Episcopal Church has been mission! Click here to go to the Granting page of this website and to find grant applications for 2013.

UTO is expanding its communication efforts. The need for paperless operation is being embraced by UTO. You can help with communication efforts. Click here to learn more:

UTO is part of a wide network of ministries in the Episcopal Church. Click here to learn more about the outreach and relationship of UTO to the wider church and world:

UTO provides training and education about mission and ministry throughout the church; FACE to FACE is the first step in training new Diocesan Coordinators; outreach follows immediately on each FACE to FACE encounter. Click here to learn more about FACE to FACE.